A Splash o' glass


I have always had artistic abilities but I just dabbled around with drawing, painting and a bit of ceramics.  Nothing really held my interest for very long until I discovered lampworking glass in 2004. 

I had started researching on how to make marbles and kept coming across references about making glass beads.  Recommended reading was a book by Cindy Jenkins titled "Making Glass Beads".  I ran out to my local Barnes and Noble and they had just one copy in stock so I purchased it and came home and read it cover to cover immediately.  Without even trying to find out if there was a place locally that I could get a live demo from or even try it myself I ordered myself a starter kit of a Hot Head torch with some basic tools and materials.  I taught myself how to make glass beads with my Hot Head torch but it was fueled by one pound canisters of MAPP gas and I went through cases pretty quickly.  After about a month I upgraded to a Nortel Minor bench burner which uses propane and oxygen and since then I upgraded further to a Minor/Major torch which has two torches on one base so I can change depending on the size of the object I am making.  I have since taken classes from some very talented artists/instructors.  I never tire of the learning process or experimenting with new ideas and colors, shapes and designs.

I have had the good fortune to be able to demonstrate the lampworking process on television for KTLA and KABC and have had my beads in exhibits around the country and in Japan.